Mindful Photography: How Taking A Photo Can Change The Way You See Things
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The thought of taking or posing for a photo can make you feel intimidated or a little uncomfortable. But did you know that photography can be a valuable teacher of mindfulness techniques, specifically learning to be present and appreciating the here and now?

Every photo captures a unique moment. Sometimes you find yourself in the right time and place to snap the shot immediately. Sometimes you wait for the perfect moment.

Photography changes the way you see things.

Photography is a form of creative expression that you can enjoy without going to school or being professionally trained. Photography can transform your every waking moment by helping you to become more aware of these moments.

This is the concept of presence – paying full attention to your current experience. You aren’t worried about tomorrow. You aren’t dwelling on yesterday. As you set up the shot and push the shutter, you are here, now, 100 percent.

Spending time in nature is good for health and wellness. 

If you love spending time in nature then you know that walking in a forest or on a beach can change your attitudes as well as how your body actually feels.

While walking in the the woods it is easy to get mentally lost in the moment. You feel the breeze on your face and the forest below your feet.

The air is different in the woods.  Walking or jogging on a trail or path is a joyful experience. After hiking in the woods, your body and mind feel recharged because of the exercise as well as nature’s ability to slow you down and pull you into the present.

The same natural experience is amplified when taking photographs of nature. In nature your photography comes alive as you come upon a blue bird eating contentedly in a holly bush. The act of capturing that moment in a photo draws you into a mindfulness state, helping you dispel negative thoughts about your past and worries about your future.


Get mindful — be a smartphone photographer.

Taking photos or videos with your smartphone helps you slow down your mind so that you can better focus on and appreciate the people, places and things you see and experience.

Having a smartphone camera can unlock your creativity and help you see the world around you. You will be amazed by some of the great shots and moments you capture.

Slowing down to observe the present. 

Can you see the sunlight where you are? Can you marvel at it’s beauty and life-giving power? Or maybe it’s raining. How does it sound? Are there puddles creating amazing reflections? Rain drops splashing?

Just look around and find something that moves you. Observe it and focus on it. Then capture it in a photo, caption it and share it, the CraveMate way!


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