CraveMate – a mindfulness app offering a fun and creative way to help you eat healthier and exercise more!

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Tapscape Score: 9/10 – Read Full Review

“The strength to resist that candy bar in the middle of the night, CraveMate has your back.”

“The best diet success stories always involve an element of support from friends and family.”

MacTrast  Score: 4/5 – Read Full Review

“If you’re trying to win the fight against your junk food cravings, and truthfully, who isn’t, give CraveMate a try.” 

“The ability to share your victories, and yes your defeats, is a great incentive to fight your cravings.”

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“This is a great app to help you watch what you eat.”

“Also goal setting is a great way to stay mindful of what you eat.”

“Great app to help manage cravings.”

“I’ve already lost ten pounds.”

“I have never been so excited about being healthy.

“For all ages.”

“It provides helpful tips and setting up reminders for you.”

“Sending pics and messages keeps me motivated.”