CraveMate Is The One!

Achieve your weight loss and fitness goals with mindfulness apps CraveMate or free CraveMateLite.


Telling the CraveMate story and giving you information about where food cravings come from and why they are so hard to resist.


Creating, editing and customizing your goals to identify the junk food you want to cutback on and the eating habits you want to change.


Allowing you to set alarms to keep you one step ahead of your typical times of weakness.


Engaging your cognitive processes with a picture or video to express how you feel when choosing to say no to a junk food craving.


Allowing you to connect and tell everyone, or maybe just a few good friends, how you feel in a text, Tweet, email or Facebook post, or through Instagram.


Giving you ideas about best practices to manage cravings, from cleaning up your environment of junk food to becoming more mindful of your typical times of weakness.


The CraveMate Blog - Eat Healthier and Exercise More!

Insight About Cravings

No, it’s not just you. Everybody craves something. Cravings for rich foods, especially when stress or negative thoughts take over our thinking, is hardwired into our very makeup.

Primitive Response Technology, LLC

To assist you create healthy habits that last a lifetime, we started Primitive Response Technology and developed the CraveMate apps.

CraveMate helps you to stay mindful of your healthy diet and fitness goals so you can achieve them. Celebrate your victories and share them with family and friends. Download here CraveMate or free CraveMateLite



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