Train your brain to make healthy choices. 

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This is one useful app” “I love this app”  “A very cool app”  “Such a great concept”  “A great reminder app” “The strength to resist that candy bar in the middle of the night, CraveMate has your back” 

App Reviews:

Tapscape Score: 9/10 – Read Full Review 

“There’s a real sense of empowerment that comes from taking responsibility for your diet, and CraveMate does a good job of finding the balance between support and strength. The best diet success stories always involve an element of support from friends and family. To that end, CraveMate provides a way to share photos with friends and family to show how you “beat” your last junk food craving.”

MacTrast  Score: 4/5 – Read Full Review

“What if there were an iPhone app that would help you conquer your junk food cravings, help keep you from eating that quart of ice cream at bedtime, or that whole bag of popcorn while watching TV? Enter CraveMate from Primitive Response Technology, LLC.” 

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Manchester Union Leader story “Hollis-based company’s app aims to curb unhealthy eating”.

On changing bad habits: “CraveMate helps you change bad habits into good ones. Rather than making a resolution to lose weight use CraveMate to guide and remind you to achieve a healthy weight through clean eating, regular exercise and becoming more mindful of your life choices.”

On recent release of FREE CraveMateLite: “We wanted to make a fully functional free version available so everyone can gain access and discover how mindfulness, when practically applied, can improve health and wellness. Now, anyone with an iPhone can benefit from a mindfulness assistant.”